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Heerlijk ontspannen
Heerlijk ontspannen

Relax in our wellness

Time for some relaxation? Then make use of the wellness facilities of our hotel. The wellness is located on the fifth floor of the main building. For questions, please contact the reception.

Enjoy wonderful saunas in hotel Haarlem. Free entry for hotel guests. Access is currently possible on an hourly basis through the reception.

Opening hours:
Monday untill friday: from 16:00 untill 22:00
Saturday & sunday: from 10:00 untill 22:00

The saunas are only accessible to hotel guests.

We request that you wear swimwear in the saunas.

Towels are provided, you do not need to take them from your room.

By entering the wellness area you agree to the house rules.

  • Finnish/infused sauna (90◦C)

    Finnish/infused sauna (90◦C)

    Traditional sauna which serves to cleanse the body and relax the muscles. This sauna is equipped with a beautiful Himalayan salt wall, salt has a vitalizing effect and has a positive effect in allergies, asthma, digestion, nerve and immune system diseases.

  • Infrared cabin (40-50◦C)

    Infrared cabin (40-50◦C)

    The infrared rays are wonderfully relaxing, the heat penetrates deep into the body and therefore works well against tired or sore muscles.

  • Caldarium (50◦C)

    Caldarium (50◦C)

    The Caldarium (caldarium is the Latin word for hot water room) is a steam room with benches and an indoor temperature of 50◦C. This cabin is a relief for the skin and respiratory system.

Relaxing space

Relaxing space

After each sauna round, you should give your body time to relax, this is possible in our extensive adjacent relaxing space. In addition to the various saunas, our wellness area has foot baths, two shower rooms with a rain shower, waterfall shower and a cold water shower. Changing rooms for men and womenare available and with lockers for your valuables.

Entering the wellness is entirely at your own risk. There is no personal supervision. We use CCTV in public areas for the security of guests and staff. The management and employees of Van der Valk Hotel Haarlem are in no way liable for physical injury, loss and/or theft of personal property. In the event of an emergency, you can contact the reception at any time.

  • Showering is mandatory before using the saunas
  • It is mandatory to wear swimwear in the saunas
  • In the saunas, the use of a large dry towel is mandatory
  • Electronic devices are not allowed in the saunas
  • Guests under the age of 18 are only allowed to visit the wellness when accompanied by an adult
  • It is mandatory to be able to hand over a valid ID