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Green choice

During your stay, your hotel room will be cleaned daily. However, if you do not need cleaning every day, you can contribute to a better environment straight away.

You immediately save approximately 7.5 liters of drinking water, which we normally use to clean your room. In addition to the cleaning products that are used anyway. If you would like extra towels or guest supplies such as coffee, tea or toiletries, you can pick them up at the reception.

If you do not prefer the green choice, you don’t have to do anything. We will be happy to clean your room.



Did you know that Van der Valk Hotel Haarlem is in possession of the Green Key quality mark GOLD ?! With this we underline that we take more account of environmental friendliness in business operations than the laws and regulations require of us.

For example, organic waste from our kitchens and restaurants is stored underground and airtight to be converted into green electricity in a bioenergy station. Our technical installations also meet the highest requirements that are energy efficient and reuse heat.