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Een E-bike brengt je naar waar jij wilt
Een E-bike brengt je naar waar jij wilt

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Valk Exclusief Cycling

The bike is indispensable from the Netherlands! Explore the environment in a sporting way with one of our cycling packages. New is the cooperation with!

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Gratis kopje koffie
  • You discover the most beautiful places in the Netherlands
  • Clear routes
  • Cycling app
Van der Valk Cycling

Van der Valk Cycling

You will discover the most beautiful places in the Netherlands with our cycling packages. On your own or a rented bicycle. Enjoy cycling during a fully catered weekend.

Nice outside in nature, and you do not have to take a bike with you: your (electric) bike is ready for us! Together on a bicycle (with pedal assistance) into nature, the cycle paths.

Bicycle network

Bicycle network is a new national organization and is involved in everything related to recreational cycling. Cycle routes, bicycle nodes and news about cycling. Fietsnetwerk builds in the Netherlands a supplement to the existing bicycle-hubs network.

Bicycle touring

Bicycle touring

With the Fiets! App on your mobile device it is very easy to create a nice cycling route yourself. Select the desired nodes on the map and the Bike! App connects them. You can then save the route.

Cycling routes

Cycling routes


The Routeplein is a platform for sharing and discovering new node routes that have been added by Fiets! All routes use the cycle nodes network in the Netherlands.