Meeting facilities from 4 to 400 persons

Meeting facilities from 4 to 400 persons - Hotel Haarlem

Business meetings with a personal touch

Partly due to its perfect location and very good accessibiliy, the Hotel Haarlem is the ideal venue for training sessions, meetings, product presentations, multiple day conferences, brainstorm sessions, roadshows, staff parties and all other events that have or do not have a festive character. The Hotel Haarlem has 14 multifunctional rooms for a maximum of a 1000 persons.

14 inspiring function rooms and an enthusiastic sales team

  • Conferences - Hotel Haarlem


    We offer you all luxury and conveniences to make your conference a successful one. Whether small or large groups, one-day or multiple-day conference: it can be realised.

  • Meetings - Hotel Haarlem


    The Hotel Haarlem is the perfect location for business gatherings, including meetings, mulitple-day conferences, seminar, training sessions, product presentations or fairs.

  • Bespoke celebrations - Hotel Haarlem

    Bespoke celebrations

    We turn each celebrations into something special. By discussing your wishes and requirements into detail, we make each celebration personal and tailor-made. In that way you can relax and fully enjoy your party.

  • Sports - Hotel Haarlem

    Sports facilities

    The Hotel Haarlem has a lot of experience with accommodating sports teams. With (annual) tournaments, including the Haarlemse Honkbalweek, Basketball week and Coca Cola Cup, the hotel is filled each year with sports people and sports teams during these weeks.

  • Dinner - Hotel Haarlem


    Dining at the Hotel Haarlem is a combination of real food, perfect quality, fair price and unique experience, we will gladly share with you. The dishes on our menu can be ordered from 11.30h (11.30 a.m.) to 23.00h (11 p.m.)

  • Buffets - Hotel Haarlem


    We can offer groups with a minimum of 30 persons an excellent and very extensive buffet in one of our function rooms. It goes without saying that we can also prepare a tailor-made buffet for you; the only thing we need are your requirements.